I found an straight-forward article about installing Redis in Ubuntu 18.14 from here. I used the step-by-step article to install Redis in my WSL machine. However, there’re several commands that cannot be run. Here’s the complete step-by-step tutorial to install Redis on Ubuntu WSL:

Update and upgrade Ubuntu

Run the following command to update and upgrade Ubuntu:

sudo apt update && apt upgrade

Install Redis

Run the following command to install Redis on Ubuntu:

sudo apt install redis-server

Update redis.conf file

Run the folowing command to open redis.conf file:

sudo nano /etc/redis/redis.conf

Find supervised no line and change to supervised systemd since Ubuntu uses the systemd init system.

Start Redis

Run the following command to start Redis:

sudo service redis-server start

Test Redis

Run the following command to run redis-cli:


Try to type ping in the cli to get a text PONG.

Run the following command to create a key named test containing It's test:

set test "It's test"

To get the value of the specified key, run the following command. Here we are going to fetch value of test key:

get test

Type exit to quit from redis-cli.

Test Redis Persistant Data

Now, restart Redis by running the following command:

sudo service redis-server restart

Run redis-cli again then run get test. We should be displayed the value of test key which is It's test.

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